College Life

Women at Moore

There is a large community of women at Moore, who enjoy a wonderful community life. Moore's female faculty members Tara Stenhouse and Jane Tooher (pictured right) are partly at college to work with the women and to help them develop their particular ministries. The College recognizes the special needs of women, and Tara and Jane are joined by a group of women chaplains who come to college each week. Students meet weekly with a chaplain and many areas of ministry and personal issues are addressed. As well as these groups, the women join the men in chaplaincy groups. To find out why Moore for women? click here»

There is also a vibrant women's group—MooreWomen—for formal and informal College women's activities and events.

For information on activities especially for women at Moore College who are partners and spouses, either studying or not studying, please visit the MooreWomen website.