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Why support Moore?

It is a sign of God’s goodness that he has given us Moore College as the theological college for Anglicans in Sydney and further afield, as well as for other Evangelical Christians near and far. This is the College we in our Diocese look to for the congregational leadership of the future.
I commend the College to your prayers and your financial support.

Dr Glenn Davies

Archbishop of Sydney

President, Moore College Governing Board

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We are not always sure what good cause merits our financial and prayer support. There are always so many good works to do. But I am saying to all who love the gospel and who are reading these words that this is a cause and this is a time when you need not hesitate.

I ask you to commit yourselves wholeheartedly, knowing that God is clearly at work, knowing that the work is absolutely vital, and knowing that the need is as great as any you will have placed before you. I am without embarrassment, therefore, in asking you to give generously, frequently and consistently to the cause of the College, and to begin by doing so at once.

Dr Peter Jensen

Principal, Moore College (1985-2001)

Archbishop of Sydney (2001-2013)

The Moore College Mission statement says:

Moore College exists to serve the gospel of Jesus Christ by equipping ordination candidates and other men and women through higher education to:

  1. Deepen their knowledge of God as revealed in the Bible;
  2. Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world;
  3. Facilitate the building of the church and care for their fellow Christians; and
  4. Develop in Christian faith, maturity and service

So, to all of you who love the Lord Jesus Christ and want his Gospel to be taken to the world, we need your prayer and financial support.