Why Moore?

Why Moore for women?

I came to Moore College 16 months ago and have been encouraged and excited to learn from the inside what a great place it is. I’d heard many things about Moore College that I have been pleased to discover were more myth than reality. In this article I will address the question: Why Moore for women?

Moore is an excellent choice for women to train for ministry. Women are not only welcomed at Moore College, they are integral to the life of the College community—be they single or married students or the wives of students. They are encouraged to develop the gifts God has given them in preparation for a life-time of ministry.

Moore College provides many opportunities for the pastoral care and training of women by members of the faculty. Faculty members Tara Stenhouse and Jane Tooher are gifted and godly women dedicated to helping women develop their particular ministries, and helping men think through what it means to work alongside women as partners in ministry. Chaplaincy groups are co-led by faculty members and a team of women chaplains, who take particular responsibility for the pastoral care of the women. Weekly women’s chapels train women in preaching.

A large number of women live and learn together alongside the men at Moore. There are 86 full-time and 41 part-time undergraduate women at college this year—127 all up, out of a total 402 undergraduate students.

There is a vibrant, supportive and active women’s community at college, with many opportunities for women to share their lives and what they’re learning. Weekly Moorewomen meetings address specific questions and concerns about life in ministry.

The Priscilla and Aquila Centrededicated to the promotion of women’s ministry—holds seminars and conferences and provides resources on its website, encouraging a partnership between men and women in ministry and providing guidance to women who wish to pursue postgraduate theological education.

Women have many opportunities to serve the cause of Christ after finishing college. Some of the roles our different women grads serve in are women’s, children’s, youth, families’ and assistant minister positions. They are school chaplains, Christian studies teachers and scripture teachers. They are university and church evangelists, cross-cultural workers and AFES staff workers. They are hospital and nursing home/retirement village chaplains and refugee advocacy workers. They are missionaries all around the world—including translators, student ministers, church planters etc.

Other women grads serve as faculty in theological colleges, and as Christians in the workforce, involved in workplace evangelism. All women who are Moore trained are active in their church and community. Some work in church administration and other roles, supporting their ministry husbands. And we mustn’t forget the ministry of motherhood.

I encourage you to find out about Moore for yourself by visiting during Open Week or Open Night in May and August, or Open Day in September. Like me, you might discover that some of the things you may have heard about the College are more myth than Moore.

Mark Fairfull (29th May 2013)