Why Moore?

Why Moore for mission?

I came to Moore College in 2012 and have been encouraged and excited to learn from the inside what a great place it is. In the past I’ve come across some perceptions about Moore College that I have been pleased to discover were more myth than reality. In this article I’d like to address the question: Why Moore for Mission? To see Moore’s global mission footprint, click here»

There are a number of reasons why Moore is an excellent choice for mission preparation.

I have learnt that Moore has a world missions focus with a dedicated Missions Department, a weekly Mission and Ministry hour with a guest speaker, and a dedicated Mission Awareness Week put on for students each year.

I have found that Moore College graduates have served or are serving in cities and rural areas all around Australia and the world, in missionary work, parish ministry, university ministry, theological education, schools ministry, Bible translation, evangelism, church planting, literature production, music ministry, various chaplaincies, and the list goes on.

I have learnt that Moore College has been blessed over a long time by having students from many countries, which is a great way for students to have direct contact with God’s work around the world.

I have seen that at Moore College students receive a solid foundation in being able to understand and teach the Bible, which is the basis for all effective Christian mission. This includes knowledge of the original biblical languages, so that students are able to understand the biblical text at a deep level.

I have observed that students are solidly grounded in biblical theology, which equips them to deal with unusual, difficult and new situations they might come across in other cultures by providing a strong biblical basis for their listening, analysing, communication and behaviour.

I have been pleased to discover that all students are exposed to principles of cross-cultural understanding, including describing and explaining other cultures and worldviews, and how to learn about them.

I have found that in addition to Moore’s specialist mission-focused Diploma, its Bachelor degrees are the most in-depth preparation available for mission.

The Diploma of Bible and Mission course includes subjects such as History of Christian Mission, Christian Communication in Mission, Understanding Buddhism and Islam, and Evangelistic Apologetics. These provide in-depth study of many issues in contemporary mission.

I’ve seen the testimony of our graduates who tell us Moore College has trained them to listen to different voices and think carefully about how that shapes and impacts the way they understand God’s Word.

Moore graduate Peter Sholl (CMS Missionary in Mexico) tells us: “working in a cross-cultural situation we are faced with all sorts of questions and issues that we have to deal with, and the education that I’ve got at Moore College through my BD and MA gave me the framework to think about those things in a gospel-focused, theological way. Moore College will give you the building blocks in theology that you need to serve in any sort of Christian ministry.”

My time at Moore College also was very significant in opening my eyes to the need for world mission. When we were there, the Department of Missions was just getting going, and Mike Raiter was there really encouraging us to think about our role as Christians in the world of global Christianity. His insight and his experience—and I know that carries on now [with Head of Missions, Rev Simon Gillham]—was an important part of the step in me moving from ministry in Sydney to ministry here in Latin America.”

I encourage you to find out about Moore for yourself by visiting during Open Week or Open Night in May and August, or Open Day in September. Like me, you might discover that some of the things you may have heard about the College are more myth than Moore

Mark Fairfull (13th March 2012)