Study at Moore

Undergraduate Courses

Unit descriptions

The focus of teaching, learning, research and scholarship within the College is the knowledge and understanding of God. Theology is divided into three fields of study: Biblical Studies, Christian Thought and Christian Ministry.

Biblical Studies (Biblical Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic)
Christian Ministry (Ministry, Evangelism, Missions)
Christian Thought (Systematic Theology, Church History, Christian Ethics, Philosophy)

Diploma courses and Year 1 of the BD and BTh may be taken full-time or part-time. For more info email: RegistrarDept@moore.edu.au.


The units at Moore College are integrated within each year and across the years of each course. Full time study provides the best way to reap the benefits of the integrated curriculum.

The ministry program within the College courses is designed to stimulate theological reflection in all areas of practical ministry, and to improve skills in pastoral relationships.

The ability to preach publicly is developed, competency in personal, small group and congregational relationships sharpened, and growth in personal holiness facilitated. Students are introduced to key concepts in learning, teaching and communication to help them begin to apply these in their ministry practice.

The ministry program forms the connections between, and supports the benefits derived from, theological reflection during the course, preaching workshops, the experience of congregational involvement as part of College chapel and opportunities arising from student ministry positions.