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School of Theology 2016 - Out of the Depths: exploring the connections between God and his world

Thursday 15 September, 2016

Come with us on a journey from sin and death to redemption and new life, in a series of master classes on the value of theology for the life of the church at the 2016 Moore College School of Theology.

Venue: Knox Lecture Theatre, 15 King Street, Newtown

Time: 9am to 5pm

Hear what some of the newest members of faculty have to say on this topic:

  • Chase Kuhn (Theology): The (Necessary) Place of Systematic Theology in the Church
  • Chris Thomson (Old Testament): Should we speak of Jesus ‘paying our debt’ on the cross? A case study in language and theology
  • Will Timmins (New Testament): Romans 7 and the Cry of Lament: the wretched man and his biblical doppelgänger

Complementing these are two familiar faces:

  • Guest speaker, Tony Payne: Is there a place for edifying speech? A theological exploration of every-member word ministry
  • David Höhne (Theology): The Risen Christ Jesus: my part in His Kingdom

Sinful, redeemed, transformed: we know ourselves truly only by first knowing God. We look forward to your company as we seek to enlarge our vision of God and life together in him.

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