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The Official Blog of Moore College's Faculty

Here, at least monthly, new ministry and mission thinking articles will appear from our faculty members.

  • Mark Thompson

    500 years on is the Reformation still necessary?

    Moore's principal reflects on the significance of The Reformation today in this blog post marking the 500th anniversary year.

    All over the world people are gearing up for a year of celebrations commemorating 500 years since Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. There is still an academic … more

  • Chase Kuhn

    Meaning in the Mundane

    We're so used to attaching the worth of our lives to what we do - even what we do for God - but Moore faculty member Chase Kuhn argues that we need to take a different approach.

    How do we think about the value of our work? There is a trend in recent theology to locate the meaning of our work in eternity. If we, as God’s people do good things, these things will remain … more

  • Simon Gillham

    Inclusive people of the Word

    Christians are right to be people of the book, but Moore faculty member Simon Gillham asks if we can we do it without being quite so “bookish”.

    A few weeks ago I met with Jimmy[1] for the first time.  Jimmy is a Christian man, regularly goes to church, and is striving to follow Jesus as a husband, father and worker in the city.  I& … more

  • Colin Bale

    Remember the Somme

    The effect of this battle on Australia and its people is still clear and painful a century later, writes Moore College faculty member Colin Bale.

    On a stained glass window titled “Jesus – Prophet, King, Priest” at St Matthew’s Manly is the following inscription: “In memory of Lorenzo Dixon Marshall. Died 9 … more

  • Mark Thompson

    What to look for in a theological college

    We asked Moore's principal Dr Mark Thompson what he thinks people should look for in a theological college. He came up with this blog post. It is useful for you, your friends or loved ones, if you or they, are considering further training to be more equipped for ongoing ministry and mission in whatever context.

    Moore College exists for one reason: to see Christ and his gospel proclaimed in all the world. We want everyone in this city to hear what God has done in Christ and have an opportunity to respond … more

  • Jane Tooher

    Serving the Lord

    The wife of the second Bishop of Sydney lived her life to the glory of God, writes faculty member Jane Tooher

    Jane Sophia Barker (nee Harden) was born in England in 1807. On 15 October 1840 she married Frederic Barker who at that time was serving as a rector in Liverpool, England. They had no children and … more