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Previous Annual Moore College Lectures

Year Lecturer Title
1977 Professor F. F. Bruce The Time is Fulfilled
1978 Professor J. I. Packer We Preach Christ Crucified
1979 Dr D. B. Knox The Everlasting God
1980 Professor Klaus Runia The Sermon Under Attack
1981  Bishop D. W. B. Robinson Faith’s Framework
1982 Dr N. Geisler Christian Apologetics
1983 Dr W. J. Dumbrell The End of the Beginning: Revelation 21–22
1984 Professor K. Kantzer Reformation Theology at the End of the Twentieth Century
1985 Professor D. A. Carson
Showing the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12–14
1986 Dr W. Lawton Being Christian – Being Australian
1987 Professor B. K. Waltke Godly Wisdom and Godless Folly
1989 Dr R. T. France
Divine Government: God’s Kingship in Mark
1990 Dr P. F. Jensen At the Heart of the Universe
1991 Professor I. H. Marshall A Fresh Look at the Acts of the Apostles
1992 Dr P. T. O’Brien Consumed by Passion
1993 Dr P. Adam Speaking God’s Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching
1994 Dr D. G. Peterson Possessed by God
1995 Professor H. Blocher Original Sin
1996 Bishop P. Barnett Jesus and the Logic of History
1997 Professor M. Harris Slaves and Slavery in the New Testament
1998 Dr B. G. Webb Five Festal Garments
1999 Dr A. Craddock Beyond Rivalry: Psychology and Theology
2001 Dr R. C. Doyle Gospel and Trinity
2003 Dr P. G. Bolt The Cross at a Distance, God up Close
2004 Professor C. Blomberg Contagious Holiness: Jesus’ Meals with Sinners
2005 Dr M. D. Thompson A Clear and Present Word: The Clarity of Scripture
2006 Professor Gerald Bray The Lord’s Prayer as a Systematic Theology
2007 Dr A. Shead Word of God in Jeremiah
2008 Dr M. J. Ovey Repentance in the New Testament
2009 Dr A. Null Repentance in the English Reformers
2010 Dr P. H. Kern A biblical theology of Jacob
2011 Dr B. S. Rosner The Law in Paul
Rev C. Green Applying the Bible to applying the Bible
2013 Dr W. H. Salier What in the World: The World in John’s Gospel
2014 Prof M. Horton Lord & Life-Giver: The Holy Spirit Changes Everything
2015 Prof. K. J. Vanhoozer Mere Protestant Christianity: How Singing sola Renews Biblical Interpretation (and Theology)