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Monthly Prayer Points

Moore College prayer points with a daily listing for each date are updated here on a monthly basis.  

February Prayer Points

1/02/2017 Thank God for the staff in the Registrar's Department
2/02/2017 Pray for the work of the Centre for Global Mission supporting the training of gospel workers worldwide
3/02/2017 Pray for those organising the Official Opening of the new building next week
4/02/2017 Praise God for the opportunity to welcome new students to the College Community
5/02/2017 Give thanks to our great God for the new full-time and part-time students in first year this year
6/02/2017 Pray that first year students will be made welcome and quickly settle in to the College community
7/02/2017 Pray for the faculty teaching Greek intensives this week and next
8/02/2017 Pray that the John Chapman Preaching Conference today will prove beneficial to all who attend
9/02/2017 Give thanks for answered prayer that the Priscilla and Aquila Centre Conference went so well 
10/02/2017 Thank God for the generous support the College receives from Christians all over the world
11/02/2017 Thank God for the new Teaching and Learning Center and pray that it will be used for his glory
12/02/2017 Pray for the Governing Board as it oversees the work of the College
13/02/2017 Pray for Director of Postgraduate Studies George Athas
14/02/2017 Pray for students taking summer intensive courses this week
15/02/2017 Pray for those children of  students and Faculty who are settling in to new schools
16/02/2017 Thank God for the Faculty teaching Hebrew intensives today and tomorrow
17/02/2017 Pray that the gospel will be spread around the world and more people will believe in Christ as their saviour
18/02/2017 Praise God for Moore graduates being ordained in the Diocese of Sydney today
19/02/2017 Pray for international and interstate students as they settle in to life and study in Sydney
20/02/2017 Term 1 begins today. Pray that the whole College community will bring glory to God this term
21/02/2017 Pray that students will be able to develop good relationships with their fellow students
22/02/2017 Pray for the women chaplains as they pastor the women students this year
23/02/2017 Pray that students will come to know God better as a result of all that they learn in their time at College 
24/02/2017 Pray for Dr Richard Gibson as he prepares to speak at Graduation next month
25/02/2017 Please pray for the Finance team as they maintain the financial records of the College
26/02/2017 Pray for Tony Payne and David Hohne as they prepare for the CCL event How to Find Your Best Self
27/02/2017 Thank God for our Faculty members and pray for wisdom and energy as they fulfill their tasks
28/02/2017 Pray for the Moore Distance office staff as they handle enquiries, process enrolments and provide notes to the students