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Policies and Procedures
Academic Board Provision
Academic Credit Policy
Academic Grievance (Appeals) Policy 
Admissions Policy
Course Development, Review and Discontinuation Policy
Course Development and Approval Procedure
Course Review Procedure
Course Discontinuation Procedure
Coursework Progress Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation of Study Procedures (International Students)
Domestic Violence Policy
Domestic Violence List of Professional Counsellors
Early Intervention Strategy (overseas students only)
English Language Proficiency Policy
External Dispute Resolution (overseas students only)
International Student Transfer Request Policy
Non-academic Grievance Policy
Policy Development Procedures
Policy Framework
Privacy Policy
Refund Policy (HESA Rules)
Refund Policy for International Students
Relocation Notice Policy (overseas students only)
Research Active Policy
Research Higher Degree Student Policy
Research Higher Degree Progress Procedure
Research Higher Degree Supervision Procedure
Research Higher Degree Thesis Examination Procedure
Review Procedures: Re-crediting FEE-HELP Policy
Statement of Tuition Assurance
Student Academic Misconduct Policy
Student Admission Procedures