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  • Death and the Life Hereafter in focus at Moore in August

    What happens after death? Will I get a spot in heaven? Is hell for real? We’ve all asked ourselves such ultimate questions and the Annual Moore College Lectures will dare to provide answers. 

    Held between August 19 and 26, “Death and the Life Hereafter” will be an engaging lecture series which investigates some of the most important aspects of our existence. These aspects … more

  • Moore Missions have ended. Now what?

    From as far afield as Darwin and Townsville, to the closer spots of Bondi and Redfern, the 13 Moore Missions teams have returned to Moore College. Following more than a week of gospel-centred events, activities and conversations aimed at spreading the good news powerfully through local communities, what do we do now Moore Missions is over?


    Just because the Moore Missions teams are back, doesn’t mean the “work” is over in the many areas they were serving. We should thank God for the seeds sown, and continue to … more

  • Moore Missions in the final few days of gospel-centred service

    Great news! There is still time for us to partner with our many Moore Missions teams, supporting them through the final few days of their gospel-centred service. Please continue to pray for the students and staff who have been helping local churches across NSW and other parts of Australia. 

    We also can keep sharing the intimate and involving blogs which each of the 13 teams has been bringing to us. Use your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let everyone know about the small and big … more

  • Mid-week mark and Moore Missions are motoring!

    How joyous and encouraging has it been to follow each Moore Missions team this week? Having arrived at the mid-week mark of the annual missions week, we can praise God for how easy it is for us to share in what the teams are doing. Thanks to the one-stop-shop at the Moore Missions site, we are steadily updated about the 13 teams of Moore students and faculty.

    Helping local churches reach their communities in various parts of Sydney, regional New South Wales, Darwin and Townsville, the Moore Missions teams are reporting in about everything from the … more

  • Moore Missions 2016 Are Go!

    In 13 locations sprawling from inner Sydney to the Northern Territory and Queensland, Moore College students and faculty have got off to a flying start in their missions teams. From yesterday until Sunday, May 22, our missions teams are partnering with local churches across Australia to share the gospel powerfully and diversely.

    Each team is capturing the joy, effort and challenges of Moore Missions via its own blog. You can easily keep up-to-date with all the teams’ adventures by visiting one helpful site: Moore … more

  • Moore Mission Week a ‘great opportunity’ for the College to learn from local churches

    Every year for a week, our students and faculty spread out across Sydney, NSW, Australia and the world to help local churches bring Jesus to their communities. Head of Department of Mission, Simon Gillham, is excited about what will be achieved for God’s glory between May 15-22 - including the ongoing benefits for Moore College.

    “It’s a great opportunity for the College to continue to learn from and be in partnership with local churches,” says Simon about how Mission Week helps inform College’s … more