Why Moore?

Meet the Students

Preparing for International Ministry

Simon Cowell (Third Year) and Jessica Cowell (Second Year)

We came to Moore College to prepare for a lifetime serving God. Although it meant taking further time out for study, we were (and still are!) confident that God would push us to think more deeply about the Bible and about him—which will be essential in whatever we do in the future.

Our hope and prayer is that God might open the way for us to minister to university students in Italy. As in many parts of continental Europe, student ministry in Italy is still in many ways in its fledgling stages, and most Italians do not know Jesus personally.

Ministry in a totally different culture and context is a massive challenge and there’s not really any way to work out all the answers in advance. But by knowing God better through our studies at Moore, we pray that he will equip us with the wisdom we need to guard our lives and doctrine closely, and communicate the gospel faithfully and effectively to Italians!

In our few years at Moore so far, we have grown in our understanding of and familiarity with the Bible. We also have a much greater awareness of history and of the ways many people think about themselves and the world—all things that will be of great value in any future ministry. We’re incredibly thankful to God for our time to study here and for the blessing of doing so in a community of godly and committed peers. 

We’re glad we still have a little bit more of it to come!

Heading to Cairns and Far North Queensland

Peter Davies (Fourth Year) and Emma Davies (Second Year)

On a hot summer’s day in January we completed the thousand kilometre journey south from Brisbane to Sydney with a car packed full of our belongings. The incredibly warm welcome we received minutes after parking the car was indicative of the fellowship we have enjoyed over the last three and a half years.

While making the decision to move away from family was difficult, we have been ever thankful for our time at Moore. We weren’t sure of the direction of our ministry after College and so the most important decision for us was to choose an evangelical College which would give us a solid foundation for the years of ministry ahead. Moore Theological College was the perfect choice. The highlights of our college experience have been the excellent training, deep friendships, experiencing life in a godly community and the one-of-a-kind Sydney evangelical Christian culture.

While we have enjoyed our time in Blues territory, our beloved Queensland has never been far from our hearts. During our years at College we became heavily involved in the establishment of the QLD Prayer Group. Through this, and connections with family, North Queensland became an area we are passionate about. This year we were thrilled to be part of a College Mission to Townsville!

Currently we are in the final stages of securing a position with a Presbyterian Church in Cairns. Our hope is that through our presence at College, many more people will be encouraged to think about ministry in the Sunshine State! 

The above stories were first published in Moore Matters Spring 2014.