The Library encourages students to try Zotero to manage your research sources. 

Zotero lets you - 

  • Capture source information from web based library catalogues, ejournals and databases
  • Export that information into documents as footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies 
  • It even manages to do a reasonable job of handling the Moore College bibliographic style, thanks to some brilliant work from past students!

Zotero was originally designed to work with Firefox, but now can work standalone, letting you use other browsers too!

For an introduction to using Zotero for your research, download our brief guide: Getting started with Zotero

We are working with the Zotero developers to add support for our Library into the standard Zotero distribution. For information about how to install and use Zotero go to their site: http://www.zotero.org

Zotero and the Moore College Library

Saving records from the Library Catalogue - Get the Moore College Library Translator

Zotero needs a custom translator to capture information from the Library catalogue.  Once you have installed Zotero you can add the translator as follows:

  1. Open the Zotero pane and click Actions (the cog button), Preferences, Advanced
  2. Click the Show Data Directory button.  This will open your Zotero Profile folder.
  3. Open the translators folder.  Note its location!
  4. Come back to this page and save the Moore College Library Translator to the translators folder you just opened. How to save it will depend on your browser!  On a PC, using Firefox,  right click and select "Save Link As"
  5. Restart your web browser, and search the Library Catalogue to try it out.

Saving records from other Library Resources

Zotero can detect and import citations from most sources on the web. Just try it and see!  Be aware that web sites change their structures regularly, and so the site specific translators often break, and may take time to get fixed.  EBSCOHost (who provide access to ATLAS) is notorious for this.  Make sure you update your Zotero translators regularly as follows:

  1. Open the Zotero pane and click Actions (the cog button), Preferences, General
  2. Make sure "Automatically check for updated translators" is ticked.
  3. Click the Update Now button update them immediately.

Using the Moore College Bibliographic Style - Get the Moore College Citation Style

Zotero can automatically format your citations and bibliography in the Moore College Bibliographic Style, section 11 in the Student Handbook.  To do so, you need to install the style by saving it to the styles folder in your Zotero data directory.  Follow the procedure for the translator, substituing the styles folder and the style file opposite. 

Please remember to proof read the output! Zotero can help you, but it won't get it correct all the time.