​How to Photocopy & Scan to Email in the Library

Copying, Printing and Scanning in the Library is managed by the PaperCut system. Key benefits are –

  • No cards to lose or damage
  • All Library Members and Visitors can login directly to the photocopiers
  • Charges are taken from an account you can manage online - How to Add Value

How to Login to Photocopy or Scan

  1. Tap the "Username" and "Password" buttons on the screen to enter your Universal Login and Password.  Tap "OK" or "ENTER" to finish.
  2. After you login, the PaperCut screen displays, showing you your current account balance and whether you have any print jobs waiting to be released.
  3. Press the Copy button or Scan button and select your options.

How to Logout 

Tap the "Access" button - the Login Screen appears

How do I enter my email address when I want to scan to email?


The copier already knows your email address because you have logged in! All you need to do is choose what you want to receive - 

  • OCR PDF (recommended!)
  • OCR Word Document
  • OCR Excel Spreadsheet

OCR means you get text that can be copied from the document. PDF is normally the best option because it gives you both the image of what you copied as well as the OCRed text.