Library Contact

The Library is closed. We will re-open at 1 King St no later than mid-February, 2017.

Service Desk: Telephone +61 2 9577 9895 or email servicedesk@moore.edu.au

Contact the Service Desk for information regarding the closure and for any  assistance with locating and accessing library resources, with loan enquiries and general library information. 

Library staff members:

The following staff members provide high quality professional library services:

Annabel Bristow, Alex Livingston, Erin Mollenhauer, Stephen Oakshott, Julie Olston, Adam Tierney.

Overall library management and assistance with serials, offers of donations of library materials:

Contact the Library Manager, Ms Julie Olston by telephone on +61 2 9577 9897 or email julie.olston@moore.edu.au

If you are wanting to offer material to the Library, please contact the Library Manager who will discuss with you the suitability of the material for our collection and delivery arrangements. Please do not pack boxes so that the boxes are heavy for an adult person to carry.

Access to Rare Books and the Samuel Marsden Archives

For access to titles in our Rare Books, Australiana Rare and Samuel Marsden Archives, contact the Special Collections Librarian, Ms Erin Mollenhauer on +61 2 9577 9891 or email erin.mollenhauer@moore.edu.au

Assistance with developing library and/or research skills:

For assistance with building skills to locate and use information, contact the Research Librarian, Dr Stephen Oakshott by telephone on +61 2 9577 9897 or email stephen.oakshott@moore.edu.au

Interlibrary loans:

Fourth year and postgraduate students should email docdel@moore.edu.au to request material that is wanted for coursework or research and is not already made available by the Library. We will attempt to acquire material that is available within Australia or overseas. Material may be acquired by interlibrary loan or by purchase for the collection. Dr Stephen Oakshott, Research Librarian, manages Moore College requests for interlibrary loan material.

Moore College students and faculty requesting items, for assistance Phone +61 2 9577 9894 or email docdel@moore.edu.au

Libraries should use the Libraries Australia Document Delivery service to request material.  We accept direct requests only from ANZTLA libraries. Please note that our fee per item for document delivery is AUD$21.50 plus interstate postage if applicable. Mr Adam Tierney fills requests for interlibrary loans to other libraries.

Libraries requesting interlibrary loans or document delivery from Moore, for assistance phone +61 2 9577 9890 or email docdel@moore.edu.au