About the Library

The Moore Theological College Library began with the opening of the College in 1856 and now consists of a research collection with a total of some 230,000 print volumes, some 30,000 eBooks, numerous ejournals and databases and a digital repository named Myrrh. The subject collection strengths of the Library are the Biblical studies, Reformation, Puritanism and Anglicanism.

Some 50,000 volumes are located in the open access Open collection while the remainder of print volumes (books, serials and pamphlets) are located in the Offsite collection.  

To request access, click the Request Item button to the left of the catalogue record. You will need to have a universal login and password to do this – visit http://www.moore.edu.au/library/membership to register as a visitor or to join as an alumni or public library member. Students of the college will have their universal login and password. 

Other open access locations are Reference, Serials, CD/DVD and Pamphlets.  

To view our range of e-resources, visit http://www.moore.edu.au/library/eresources

Two special print collections are:

Bishop Broughton Memorial Library 

The Bishop Broughton Memorial Library (known as the Rare Books Collection) contains nearly 4,000 print items on religion which were published from the fifteenth century. The collection includes a collection of books that arrived in Australia in 1810 with the Rev. Samuel Marsden. In addition, the collection includes two incunabula and a significant collection of various editions of The Book of Common Prayer. Specific funding from the Richard Johnson Fund enables purchase of texts relevant to the English Reformation published before 1701. 

Margaretta Mary Woodriff Memorial Library

The Margaretta Mary Woodriff Memorial Library (Australiana and Australiana Rare Collections) consists of some 22,700 print titles, of which some are rare or pre-1900 Australian imprints. This extensive collection of Sydney Diocesan, historical, geographic and early religious material provides critical research and background material for the study of Australian church history and contemporary Australian church issues.

Other library resources include: 

The Samuel Marsden Archives 

The Samuel Marsden Archives contains college and collected archives, including material relating to the Anglican Church of Australia and general Australian church history. For guides to the holdings, visit http://myrrh.library.moore.edu.au/handle/10248/4112. To request access to material or to reproduce images, please contact the Special Collections Librarian, Erin Mollenhauer: erin.mollenhauer@moore.edu.au or (02) 9577 9891.