Why Moore?

Is Theological Education for me?

Moore College isn’t just for people training to be pastors. A theological education serves anyone who recognises a need for greater depth in their Christian life or better integration of Christian values and principles in their chosen vocation. And while students come to Moore from diverse backgrounds and train for very different reasons, common among them is a search for a deeper understanding of God, His ways and His Word.

A high quality, in-depth theological training helps your ministry in whichever context you are in because you know God and His purposes well enough to love and serve others in the most effective ways possible. Please consider one of Moore College’s courses as studying God will help better equip you to live fully for Him.

Why study at Moore? Is Moore College right for me? With part time, flexible and distance learning options Moore is actually for everyone who wants to learn more about God!

Moore is a logical next “training” step…

  • If you’ve done an MTS or AFES ministry apprenticeship/traineeship or Youthworks training, Moore is an obvious next step for you
  • If you’ve done your tertiary studies and want to go on to do further Christian vocational education to prepare for full or part time gospel work in Sydney, Australia or elsewhere around the globe, Moore is an obvious next step for you
  • If you are interested in cross cultural ministry and want to prepare for global or local mission, Moore is an obvious next step for you
  • If you want to be a better equipped Christian in your church or the workforce, Moore is an obvious next step for you
  • If you are raising a family and you want to be better equipped to effectively lead and shape them, Moore is an obvious next step for you

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