Faculty Members

  • Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson

    Principal, Head of Department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Colin Bale

    Colin Bale

    Vice Principal, Academic Dean, Head of Department of Church History
  • George Athas

    George Athas

    Director of Postgraduate Studies, Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Church History
  • Simon Gillham

    Simon Gillham

    Head of Department of Mission
  • Paul Grimmond

    Paul Grimmond

    Dean of Students
  • David Höhne

    David Höhne

    Lectures in Theology, Philosophy and Church History
  • Philip Kern

    Philip Kern

    Head of Department of New Testament and Greek
  • Chase Kuhn

    Chase Kuhn

    Director of Distance Education, Lectures in Christian Thought and Ministry
  • Andrew Leslie

    Andrew Leslie

    Lectures in Christian Doctrine
  • Ed Loane

    Ed Loane

    Lectures in Theology and Church History
  • Peter Orr

    Peter Orr

    Lectures in New Testament
  • Archie Poulos

    Archie Poulos

    Head of Department of Ministry, Lectures in Ministry, Director, Centre for Ministry Development
  • Andrew Shead

    Andrew Shead

    Head of Department of Old Testament and Hebrew, Lectures in Hebrew and Old Testament
  • Tara Stenhouse

    Tara Stenhouse

    Dean of Women, Lectures in Ministry
  • Chris Thomson

    Chris Thomson

    Lectures in Old Testament
  • Will Timmins

    Will Timmins

    Lectures in New Testament
  • Peter Tong

    Peter Tong

    Lectures in New Testament
  • Jane Tooher

    Jane Tooher

    Director, Priscilla and Aquila Centre, Director of Part-Time Studies, Lectures in Ministry, NT & Church History
  • Paul Williamson

    Paul Williamson

    Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic
  • Lionel Windsor

    Lionel Windsor

    Lectures in New Testament, Greek and Hebrew
  • Dan Wu

    Dan Wu

    Lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Languages