Meet the Faculty

Moore’s faculty are recognised academics who are researchers and pastor-scholars. Our faculty members are a key factor in the College’s educational experience and they offer tremendous value to its teaching and learning. The faculty operate within the principles and guidance of Moore College’s mission, aims and values.

What do Moore's faculty offer?

  • A model of Christian living—as the faculty and their family live out the life of faith alongside other students.
  • A solid grounding in biblical theology—through in-depth experience and knowledge of the Bible and a systematic approach that enables students to think deeply about God, Christian life and the Bible.
  • Personal access to the lecturers—who have lunch with students every day and most morning tea times during teaching weeks.
  • A world missions focus—with a dedicated Missions Department, weekly mission and ministry hour with guest speakers, and a dedicated Mission Awareness Week for students each year.
  • Experience in evangelical pastoral ministry.
  • Dedicated pastoral care and personal support of their students.
  • Strong spiritual and social support—offered through faculty-led chaplaincy groups, which make for deep relationships to meet people’s individual needs.
  • Bible teaching at year-group and college-wide chapels each week.
  • Assistance with tuition and study—through informal relationships over meals, 1-to-1 and close proximity with faculty living on or near campus.

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