College Life


Meeting together in groups is integral to the College’s commitment to learning in community. Chaplaincy groups or first year groups in year 1, help to set a vision for gospel ministry and foster fellowship, theological reflection, group skills, prayer, personal support, mission and accountability. All students are linked to a College chaplain and Year Advisor. In conjunction with a male member of faculty each chaplaincy group is co-led by a female chaplain. Pastoral care and personal support is provided by these groups. Chaplains are committed to the pastoral care of students and are therefore available to discuss any personal issues or problems with students. More info about our chaplaincy and first year groups and their activities can be found hereThe College has expanded its pastoral care program to include chaplains dedicated to the care of students who do not have English as their first language, Rev Joseph Fung and Dr Nancy Fung assist the College as Cross-cultural Chaplains, you can meet them here.

Meet our Women Chaplains

The women chaplains co-lead each chaplaincy group with male members of faculty, helping lead discussions, prayer, devotionals, providing testimonies, helping lead mission teams, with the women chaplains being primarily responsible for the pastoral care of the female students in their group. This pastoral care involves meeting up with the students over college lunch, praying with them, chatting to them about how they are finding college and their student ministry placements, and speaking with them about future ministry opportunities. Some of these female chaplains are also involved in leading the bible exposition workshops that students in years 1-3 are involved in. Our women chaplains have a wide range of ministry experience behind them and are currently involved in a range of different ministries. Our female faculty members Tara Stenhouse and Jane Tooher also co-lead these groups.

The Chaplaincy team consists of:

Wednesday Chaplains

Alison Blake – Parish based women’s and children’s Bible teaching ministry and hospitality in Sydney Diocese, Advisor in the MT&D Ministry Wives Program

Kate Bradford – Former CMS missionary, part-time Anglicare chaplain at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, Darling Street Anglican

Deb EarnshawWomen’s and children’s Minister, Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church

Anna Hu – Former university staff worker with international students, FOCUS Mandarin Church UNSW

Cathy SmithFormer CMS missionary, Sydney Japanese Evangelical Church at Cammeray

Caroline SpencerFull-time women’s evangelist and trainer at City Bible Forum, worships at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church

Thursday Chaplains

Juliette Antoon – Women’s ministry, part-time study, St George North

Isobel Lin – Assistant to the Dean of Women at Moore, Chair of EQUIP Womens’ conference, St Barnabas Anglican Church at Fairfield and Bossley Park

Marg PowellCross cultural worker, Greenacre/Lakemba Anglican Churches

Lesley RamsayItinerant evangelist and Bible teacher, Central Coast Evangelical Church

Marcelle RodgersFormer CMS missionary, CMS volunteer support: visiting and deputation training, Marrickville Anglican

Wendy Swanton – Working for Two Ways Ministries, a new initiative which was launched at College in May 2015

Julia WillliamsSenior Pastor's wife involved in leading women’s bible study for many years

Meet our Cross-Cultural Chaplains

Joseph and Nancy Fung - Joseph studied at Moore in the early 1980s and Nancy in the mid-1990s. Since then they have both been involved in pastoral ministry and have also worked part-time with the Chinese Theological College Australia. Today we have quite a number of students whose heart language is not English and we want not only to welcome them, but also to provide them with appropriate and dedicated pastoral care.

Chaplaincy Groups

Chaplaincy Groups (Year 2 – 4) 

Each student in years 2 – 4 is allocated to a chaplaincy group with approx. 15 members. The group meets under the oversight of a member of faculty (chaplain), together with a visiting female chaplain. The size of the group provides a more realistic focus for developing relationships and engaging in open discussion. Chaplaincy groups meet each Wednesday or Thursday at 9.05 am for about 50 minutes. The content of these meetings is determined by the chaplains in consultation with the whole group. Usually the program consists of various elements including Bible study, prayer, personal testimonies, ministry and ethical issues and the sharing of more personal matters. 

First Year Groups 

First year groups meet each Wednesday or Thursday at 9.05 am for about 50 minutes. The content of each meeting is determined by the First Year Advisor, in consultation with the nominated leader for the week. The program addresses issues such as the ethos of the College, the Spiritual life of the student, the nature of community, the demands of theological study, and incorporates Bible study, prayer, personal testimonies, and the sharing of more personal matters. 

Participation in Chaplaincy and First Year Groups 

Students are expected to actively participate in the meetings of their chaplaincy group or first year group, including leadership of discussions or activities. The groups provide valuable opportunities for developing skills in group leadership, observation and membership. Members of chaplaincy and first year groups are also encouraged to meet together over meals, suppers etc. These may be organised as a group activity or more informally amongst smaller subsets of the group. Faculty members and female chaplains welcome opportunities to spend time with students and their families in more relaxed contexts. 

Mission Teams 

Each year Mission Teams engage in College Missions in a church (not necessarily Anglican), University or other setting. Most missions are residential with students billeted in local homes. Under the leadership of the Chaplains, students engage in a wide range of evangelistic opportunities. While on College Missions students undertake activities, especially sporting activities, at their own risk. Each First Year Group is allocated to a Chaplaincy Group for the annual College Missions. The First Year Group joins with that Chaplaincy Group for the purpose of College Mission, mission planning and prayer. 

Each Mission Team is further divided into prayer groups. These consist of 3 or 4 students from different years (Years 1 – 4). Prayer groups usually meet once per week at a mutually convenient time and take the form considered most appropriate by the members. Part-time students are encouraged to attend one mission during the time it takes them to complete their course or the first year of it.