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2015 Annual Moore College Lectures

Mere Protestant Christianity: How Singing sola Renews Biblical Interpretation (and Theology)

Professor Kevin J. Vanhoozer (pictured), Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, delivered the Annual Moore College Lectures 2015 on the five solas of the Reformation. He addressed our topic over six lectures.

The five solas (or five ‘alones’) are five phrases that emerged in the Protestant Reformation to summarise the Reformers’ understanding of the essentials of Biblical Christianity. This series examined the meaning of these phrases and show how they remain vital for Christian life and witness in today’s world.

The lectures were:

  1. Should the church repent or retrieve the Reformation? Secularism, skepticism, and schism, oh my!
  2. Sola gratia (“By grace alone”): retrieving the mere Protestant ontology, economy, and teleology of the gospel
  3. Sola fide (“Through Faith Alone”): retrieving the mere Protestant principle of authority (and epistemology)
  4. Sola scriptura (“According to Scripture Alone”): retrieving the mere Protestant pattern of authority
  5. Solus Christus (“In Christ Alone”): the royal priesthood of all believers
  6. Sola Dei gloria (“For the glory of God Alone”): the wealth of holy nations

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