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2012 Annual Moore College Lectures

The Point of the Sword: Applying the Bible to applying the Bible

Rev Chris Green, Vice Principal, Oak Hill Theological College, London, delivered the Annual Moore College Lectures 2012 on the topic of training preachers. He addressed our topic over six lectures.

No College can truly train a preacher. A preacher is made by the gifts and persoanliaty that God gives, and slow development over years of hard work and prayerful ministry. These qualities are what makes a preacher. But a college cam make a significant contribution by putting the right habits in place. In these lectures, Rev Green addressed the questions every preacher faces on a weekly basis: what impact does God's Word have for these people today?  How can I help them to understand, remember, and be changed by the life-changing gospel? How do I avoid adding to God's word if I do apply? How do I avoid making his word dull and irrelevant if I don't apply?  Does the Bible help me to apply the Bible today? Chris is the author of several books, including two on preaching.  

The lectures were:

  1. The Preacher's Self-Portrait - why do I put myself through this?
  2. Should we apply?  A theology of Application
  3. Do we apply? A theology of Interpretation
  4. Applying to Christians - A theology of discipleship
  5. Applying to non-Christians - A theology of soul-winning
  6. Applying to the church - a theology of leadership